Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nutjob followup.

Great article here from Huffington Post:

So basically, she's a liar. She hates liberals, 9/11 widows, the Democrats, the Clintons, Jews, gays, etc..... But she is more that willing to frequent a gay owned business with possible gay companions. Kinda reminds me a Hitler.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

But who would be my padawan?

Find out What's Your Jedi Name at

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Some people seem crazy. Others like to give the impression they are crazy. Others still have episodes of being crazy. Then we have Ann Coulter. Each time I see her or hear from her, I think she has hit a new level of dumb. And then some other TV show gives her airtime and she out does herself from the previous time. Does she make for good ratings? Do the producers support her words? Are we all just fricking insane and she is the normal one? I can't quite grasp how anyone wants to give this woman any forum to open her mouth. From hating Jews to hating 9/11 widows to hating Democrats to hating gays, she has cornered the market on being a total..... This has to be the final straw:

I am sure it won't be. Fox News is always a place for her.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Global warming...

With the increase in CO2 and the horrible things man is doing to the planet, the temperature is slowly increasing. We have had some of the warmest summers and winters on history in the past few years. The increase in the weather activities (rain, floods, hurricanes) can all be directly attributed to the imbalance in the atmosphere. Right now, in October, the Chicago area is having 80+ degree days, so hot that an unfortunate death occurred in this year's Chicago Marathon.

So with all this, one thing I have noticed (and has been overlooked, in my book) is how freaking hot or cold the workplace is. Hear me out: with the bizarre fluctuations in the weather - 25 degree swings day to day becoming the norm - most building managers can never get the HVAC system in sync with the outside conditions. You end up being uncomfortable in your cubicle from the room being either too hot or too cold. Today, it's too cold and I need to run down and grab a jacket from my car. I am sure, looking at the forecast, it'll be too dang hot in here next week.

Thanks a lot, Mother Nature.

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