Tuesday, August 17, 2010

YouTube-sday™: Shock and awe you kidding me!

It's the little things that help me remember why I am a progressive and a liberal. Things like this:

I can't even begin with the level of lies in that 61 seconds. For the bajillionith time, it is NOT "ground zero". It is two blocks away, the same distance from the WTC footprint as a strip club and an OTB. Second, it's a 13 story community center, not a domed mosque as you depict. The worship area is one floor. Also, among the 3000 "Americans" that died were 310 "non-Americans", as well as unknown deaths of people that worshiped Islam. And lastly, you are going to use the video of someone leaping to their death to raise money in an attempt to violate the Constitution.

I'm done typing. I have to go be sick now.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Now that's much better.

How it should have sounded from the get-go:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Maybe you didn't think this through.

An innerwebs user posted this picture of a bumper sticker he found at his parent's home:

Ok - besides the obvious scariness involving veiled threats of violence, let's delve into this just a little more.

Legion. For teabaggers, it's pretty weird they would refer to a demon from the Bible this way. Legion was a possessed man that Jesus came across. This guy spent his days roaming a cemetery near Gerasenes, scaring the living crap out of people. Then big JC shows up, Legion freaks out from being in his presence and asks for mercy. Jesus then casts the demons into a herd of pigs, who proceed to do their best lemming impersonation, swan diving off the cliff into the water below.

Note is does NOT say "We are a legion". The lack of the first letter of the alphabet and the lower case "l" means they are not referring to their group as some 4500 strong Roman army. The only other explanation is that they lack the ability to properly proofread. But I still believe they made that statement with the direct intent of placing the name "Legion" upon themselves.

Here's my question: why would a bunch of people that like to boast of their Christian values and their desire to return this country to an earlier way of life compare themselves with a demon possessed man? Discuss.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Beating the heat...

So the whole train wreck that was the self promoting, self serving crap called the 2010 NBA free agency is almost over. It's pretty evident the interviews and presentations made by NBA teams to that hack Lebron were all for show. One would have to be a newborn to not see the weeks of vying for the "talents" of Lebron, Duane and Bosh were simply some pseudo-sexual game played by those three.

Now, supposedly the Heat is the team to defeat (even though it should be fun to watch Wade and James fight to see who will be the star and who will be the supporting player, ala Jordan & Pippen).

I thought I would offer a few potential free agents the Bulls, Cavs, Knicks and other teams could sign to assist in keeping the new Heat in check. Click the name to see the potential basketball talent each option could bring to their new club:

Tony Tanti
John Scott
Nolan Ryan
Dan Carcillo
Vince Young
Nigel De Jong
Mike Tyson
Chun Li
this one cat

Or they could trade for:
Ron Artest

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

YouTube-sday™: Sears goes retro

So to promote there new premium DieHard batteries, Sears hit up a 80's one hit wonder:

Awwwww yeah! Gotta like that Numan was up for something like that. Maybe he just needed the cash. But seeing that made me long for the video. Enjoy:

And in searching for that, I found this:


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

YouTube-sday™: 2010 movie releases

With the 2010 summer releases in full blown assault, none of them really have me excited. I was geared up for the Clash Of The Titans remake, and that disappointed me a bit (no Bubo?!?). Other than that, I am waiting for the end of the year releases - November and December to be exact. Here's what is on my radar in no particular order:

Chronicles Of Narnia 3

Let's go!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


First trailer for the 3rd installment of Narnia.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dr. StanleyCup (or how I stopped missing the winning shot and love that I have seen all the championships I care about)

It's been over 40 years for me personally waiting for the above picture. I've been a Hawks fan as long as I can recall. I remember watching weekend games on NBC with Peter Puck and catching games on the radio. It was great fun to watch, but boy - I saw a LOT of mediocre teams over the years on NBC, then SportsChannel, Hawkvision and finally Comcast (road games only, of course). I sat through teams with the unforgettable names on the jersey like Ken Yaremchuk, Rick Vaive, Sergei Krivokrasov, Bernie Nicholls, Christian LaFlamme, Steve Poapst..... and let's just stop there. Blunt talk: we sucked bad.

Skip ahead to Dollar Bill getting old, and while still the owner, I am pretty sure he didn't have much say in what the front office was going to look like, much less what the team makeup was going to be from them. So, after scoring a couple great draft picks, as we as excellent scouting, a few steals over the trade fax - we have the above picture, and the end of years of pain felt by millions that love the Indian Head sweater. And for one of the few times in my life, I actually saw it happen. Not in person, per se, as I have only seen one championship in person. But live on television. My life is now complete, as all the teams I care about have reached the pinnacle of their respective leagues (even if I didn't see it)

1981 Chicago Sting - I was 15, and had just dropped baseball for soccer as my sport of choice. I remember being in a trailer in a campground in Indiana listening to the game on the radio. The game was going to be televised on tape delay, so myself, and others, we forced to listen to it on the radio. For those that don't like watching soccer, I can tell you listening to it stinks! But I heard Rudy Glenn score the winning goal in a shootout (after Ingo Peter missed a wide open header) and I jumped up and down, rocking the trailer in excitement. I would join the team a year later in "public relations" and see them win a 2nd in Toronto in 1984. And by see, I mean hear. Strange - I find out days later if I could have gotten transportation to Toronto, I could have crashed on someone's hotel floor and seen the game in person. Oh well.

1985 Chicago Bears - I'm 29 and still a soccer player. So much a player, in fact, that on Super Bowl Sunday, I have a game to play. While others are watching the Bears kick the ever loving snot out of the Pats, I am running around on Astroturf with a bunch of other guys. I can't recall if we won the soccer match that night. But after a shower and heading home, I watched what really was an afterthought. The game was well out of reach when I tuned in.

1991 Chicago Bulls - The first of 3 for Jordan, Pippen and the Bulls finds me living in Ft. Myers with my soon to be wife. Life was too busy that we didn't catch a lot of the games. I don't remember seeing the final game at all. I think I watched it. But again, I really don't remember seeing the first celebration at half court.

1992 Chicago Bulls - Back home in Chicago, but this was a forgettable series. Good championship, but a forgettable series to say the least. Why? Cuz the Blackhawks were in the Stanley Cup final against the Penguins. And getting swept in 4. Brutal.

1993 Chicago Bulls - This is the game with the infamous Paxson 3 pointer with under 4 seconds to play. And where was I? I was on the other side of a wall. See, we were watching the game at my in-law's house with many of the people I married into. My few months old son got very fussy, and I didn't want to bother everyone. So I got up with him and left, only to hear the huge pop from the room from Paxson's shot. Bulls win. I miss.

1996/1997/1998 Chicago Bulls - I remember watching the 3-peat repeat on television. I think we actually scored some tickets to a regular season Bulls game during on of the championship run years. I remember the flu game, Jud Buechler's 3-pointer, 72-10 and all of Rodman's bad hair decisions - all from my couch.

1998 Chicago Wolves - Here is one of the rare times I actually saw a championship in person. I still don't recall how a bunch of us from my job at the time scored decent tickets at face value, but we sat through a couple periods of hard fought 0-0 score until the Wolves popped in 3 quick ones to put the game away. I remember the players throwing gloves and sticks into the crowd from the bench in the last few seconds, then watching the Turner Cup raised high over Steve Maltais' head.

1998 Chicago Fire - I really don't remember why I was not following the Fire as closer as I should. Something in my life, I am sure, had me away from where I should have been. But the Fire pulled out a win in their first season and held the MLS trophy high.

2005 Chicago White Sox - Here was one of the two last championships I needed to happen during my life. I grew up in the south burbs of Chicago. By birth, you picked your side of town baseball-wise. The Sox were (and somehow, still are) 2nd in the Second City. But in 2005, we went wire to wire and dominated MLB. I had returned to my love of baseball (still love soccer) in the mid 90's, so I watched every game I could, including the dang near all-nighter game 3. When the Sox are one out away, I get called out of the room to help my daughter with a quick math problem. From the other room, I hear my son hooting the game is over. Thank goodness for replay. Again...

2010 Chicago Blackhawks - And the circle is complete. Last night, the final team I followed for years ended their drought. I, like everyone else, had no dang clue where that puck went. But Kaner knew, and that's all that matters now. My wife was on the computer. My son was watching from his friend's house. My daughter just walked into the room when we were all trying to figure out where the puck went. I was just hoping they were not celebrating early. And they weren't.

So that's it, sports-wise. All the teams that matter to me have won the ultimate prize. They are all welcome to win it again, but no other Chicago team matters in my life. Yeah....I'm talking about you losers.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

YouTube-sday™: Be the best

If you are going to be the best with an iron, then you must practice often:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Gratuity included?

Time to start paying for this...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Would you want to be in her head?

It must be nice being Quitter Sarah Palin, saying all she says and actually BELIEVING she is right. Some how she sleeps at night and thinks up death panels, foreign policy osmosis and reading all them newspapers. First she chanted "Drill, baby, drill", then denyied saying it. Now Ms. moron Palin has decided to blame the Deep Water disaster in the Gulf on environmentalists. Since people have fought to protect fragile Alaska land from more destructive activities, dingbat Palin claims those battles force companies to takes risks to get the oil we need to feed our addiction and opening ANWR will solve all our problems.

Except once again, Sarah nut is full of it. Drilling in ANWR will do nothing to help out our use of fossil fuels. There are not billions and billions of oil available. There's just a few billion. Barely 2 years worth. Not worth the effort when we'd be better off investing in better, cleaner, safer forms of energy. Cuz when it comes down to it, what looks better:

This, this and this? Or that, that and that?

(quick side question - how many high ranking former state officials use Facebook? I didn't know you could be elected governor up there at 13. )

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

YouTube-sday: Stanley Cup Game 3 edition

HA!!!! Eat it, Carcillo.

Monday, May 31, 2010

What's on your list?

As I type, my wife and daughter are on a little cruise in Miami. Before leaving, my daughter commented that swimming with dolphins (a plan on the trip) is something on her bucket list. Cool - she'll cross that off.

Now, there are the standard items that people put on their lists, from vacations to certain locales, owning this or this, meeting so-and-so.... tons of items on thousands of lists. Allow me to suggest a couple that may seem out of the normal, but something everyone should experience.

1) The National Anthem at a Chicago Backhawks game. If you are watching any of the Cup playoffs this year, you are seeing Frank Pellico and Jim Cornelison performing the National Anthem prior to the puck drop. And to put it simply....the crowd goes crazy. Trust me - what you see on the small screen in NOTHING compared to being there and experiencing it from a seat in the UC. YouTube has plenty of user uploads of the anthem. It a tradition for greater than 25 years. And if you are not pumped for hockey at the end, you must be dead.

2) The organ before a flick at the Tivoli. I remember finding the Tivoli years ago. When I took my wife and kids to a show there, I can still recall the looks on their faces when they walked in to a theater unlike anything they build nowadays. And if the theater isn't enough of a reason to catch a movie at the Tivoli, we happened to go on a night with the organ playing. You really should make sure you arrive 30 minutes or so prior to a show on any Friday or Saturday night and listen to the music while watching the standard pre-movie slide show. The organ is played with the fine musical stylings of a member of the CATOE. It's always a pleasure to hear some older songs in an area with nice acoustics. The movie previews always begin with with a rousing version of a fine patriot song, and the crowd shows their appreciation of the organist. While no United Center, it's always a great time.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WTFriday: special environmental edition

So just how bad can it get for the Gulf (and the world as a whole). Well, as expected, the vultures have come out of the woodwork concerning the disaster off the Louisiana coast. I have seen a fair share of spam telling me how I can get my share of financial relief from the damages. Cuz Chicago is right on the coast, of course. Then there are the door to door scams selling "miracle chemicals" to protect the beaches.

Now, a UK betting site allows you to bet on what will be the first species wiped off the earth because of the oil damage. No - seriously. Look here.

Have we become so callous about life, whether human or other, that the most important thing is to make some cash in every possible situation, positive or negative? It seems the Kemp's Ridley turtle is the favorite. Let's hope this is not the only way we get to see them in the near future:

Monday, May 24, 2010

New on the side bar ---->

Just added the PBS widget showing both the BP live video feed of their continued destruction of the planet, as well as the best guesstimate of the amount of that destruction. Horrible to watch, but we all need to know.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jumping on the response bandwagon

If you have been under a rock, this email has started circulating around Wall Street a couple weeks back, purportedly written by some trader. Some responses have been written, and dangit if I don't want to get in on the smackdown:


Dear Mr. Wall Street trader,

One question up front: are you guys really that unaware of the real world the other 99.9% of us reside in? Because a few things you have said give me the impression you get all your information about us "common folk" from Telemundo comedy shows, the History Channel and back issues of Field and Stream. Let me see if I can help you out a bit.

I don't make $85K a year. Oh, I wish I do, but I don't. In fact, I know of only one person that makes at least that, and he is a tech director for a company and pretty much works 24/7, what with being on call all the time and on weekends. I used to take an hour for lunch - UNPAID. Now, so I can get home, I work with a 20min paid lunch. I am working to train my body to do it's natural waste discharge during one of my breaks. My wife works in a school. There are days she never gets a lunch, with the extra workload caused by the financial crisis you created. And she doesn't get 4 months off, she gets just under 3.

I am not sure how you think you are better for my job or my wife's job. Just because you manage the buying of selling of "stuff" doesn't magically make you more capable of being a teacher. For starters - you need a license. In Illinois, it's called a Type 10. Just saying "I sold 2 billion is assets last year" doesn't gain you the license. One must attend certain college courses. Don't even think about my wife's job. That's a Type 75. You need a Master's specializing in speech and audiology. Now my job? If you think you can handle networking, VPNs, deep troubleshooting and other technical issues, come apply. But expect that salary to be a couple 10k's less, and enjoy your 15 days off a year. That's right.....fifteen. Trust me pal, when the time comes for you to get a job in the real world, say bagging groceries at Jewel, and the manager needs to choose between a 17 year old kid and your pathetic butt, who do you think will get that job? (Let me give you a hint: not you).

Now you threaten to not buy your $80k car, leave a big tip and manage your own home improvements. What was that car - a Benz? Infinity? BMW? Volvo? Those aren't made in the USA, dumb*ss. So you weren't helping the economy then, and you won't be helping it now, unless you decide to buy a vehicle actually produced within our borders. And a 35% tip? Yeah.....right. You left a 35% tip the day I won my first Stanley Cup.

Spare us the righteousness you claim to have. You work in an industry that is self serving. You do nothing to produce money. You simply manage it. You do not manufacture a good, and you do not really provide a service. You simply work in a closed industry that pats itself on the back and thinks it controls the world. Here's the truth - your job is to make money for yourself, no matter what happens to the other person. You make money even when the other person loses money. I can think of two industries off the top of my head that are like that: real estate and casinos. I think Agent Smith said it best.

Neo isn't coming to save you. And no matter how hot Trinity is (and boy, is she hot), she doesn't believe a word you say. Your days are numbered.

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Name Is....

Am I the only person that, when I hear the media talk about the Times Square bomber doofus Faisal Shahzad, thinks of this little guy?

Poor Fivel.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

YouTube-sday™: It only weighs about 50 pounds.

I think the screen on my Motorola cell phone is larger that that sucker.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spill, baby....spill

Ever wonder how an oil spill totally destroys an environment? Just watch this animation to see how the recent BP oil rig explosion has completely wrecked the Gulf.

I was thinking - why are we not surprised by BP's mistakes?. BP hosed Alaska with a leak in 2006, and now this. Maybe we need to reexamine why they are in business.

Friday, April 30, 2010

YouTube-sday™ Special Edition: Supporting the troops

War sucks. Let's face facts. It's dirty. It horrible. Danger around every corner. Crappy food. Far from your loved ones. So what to do to pass the time? But of course - move it like Lady GaGa!! Check out the first and (from the description) still a little raw take on the Beyon-GaGa hit "Telephone". And BTW - take the effort to sync the two videos up and compare them side-by-side'ish. ROFL-copter for sure!

Be safe out there, boys....and keep editing to release the final version.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Be Prepared to be pwN3d!

Seems the Boy Scouts have finally made it to the 20th century by offering a merit badge for the best Niko Bellic impression. Yup, now scouts of all ages can finally adorn their shirt, sash or belt with a emblem saying "Hey, I used full DP to score the swift horde wolf during Trial of the Grand Crusader, noob!

This is wonderful, in my opinion. For so long the scouts have been lame, what with their pinewood cars and their jamborees. But now, with LAN parties and gaming clans, they should really be able to attract kids back to the scouting life.

Like this little guy....

Eagle scout material, for sure.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

YouTube-sday™: A long time ago, on an instrument far, far away...

The uniqueness of user-driven media is that you can run into some mighty fine ideas from people that in years past was regulated only to their closest friends. And while, at times, this can be a pretty horrible invention, it does bring us a fair amount of fun. So I give you a few videos of people doing their best performing Star Wars tunes across numerous instruments:

And finally, my personal fav:

Friday, April 16, 2010

WTFriday: 4/16/10

Yeah - I said I would do this weekly. HEY - I'VE BEEN BUSY!!!! Lay off! :)

Anyway, let's get to this list:

1) I remember when Victoria Jackson used to be funny..... I think. Anyway, now she is just batsh*t crazy:

2) Nicholas Cage. This dude does WTFs almost weekly, from who he marries to movies he chooses. And now, he's gone the path of Khufu and bought a pyramid to be buried in when he dies. Just read it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best dressed.

That little gem, along with some other great Ts, buttons, stickers and the like can be found here - courtesy of the fantastic website called The Other 95%. The Other 95 simply fight back against the teabaggers and their outlandish fingers-on-a-chalkboard screams of socialism, death panels, birth certificates and the like. I think I have to get that shirt, as I made under 50k last year but paid almost 30% in state and local taxes. Exxon made 45.2 billion and paid a total of $0 in taxes in 2009. Hard to comprehend? Let's look at that graphically:

profit = $45,200,000,000
taxes paid = $0

At least Exxon is not alone. GE didn't pay any taxes to the US government either. Then again, thru tax breaks they made another $1.1 billion on their bottom line. Well played, GE. Well played indeed.

Thankfully, I pay less than I did a few years ago.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yup, it sucks.

I have taken great pride in NOT being sucked into the crap they call "television" lately. Never watched Survivor, Apprentice, Bachelor, Great Race, Two and a Half Men - none of that junk.

"Why don't you like me?"

But the other day, my daughter flipped on American Idol, and it was Beatles night. I figured this would be interesting. Knowing Idol's ability to finding nothing but the best talent (Carrie Underwood excluded) and totally blowing it on real talent,

"Suck it, Simon."

I knew this should be a train wreck of epic proportions - Idol did not fail. The idea was to take Beatles songs and "make them your own". This might include rearranging the piece to suit you. Let me repeat that: Rearranging the piece. I can't think of a single Beatles song that could stand for a new arrangement to make it better. Simon, the head moron on the judging table, seems to think otherwise when he stated that some Beatles song could use a new sound. This coming from a guy with the fashion sense of The Situation.


Needless to say, I only watched about 2.4 songs. That was the limit I could stomach. And the things they did to violate the songs should have been criminal. How this is considered good might be subject to debate. But if you take the side that it's well done, you would be wrong. That's something that one finds in a newborn's diaper. Then some other dingbat thought he could make an improvement on a classic tune and turned in this craptastic performance. Leave the stage now. And WTF is this? Really....WTF? Are you serious???

Well, that's my Idol fill for a lifetime. As I always knew, it's bad beyond my expectations. And really, when this is a runner up, that's tells a lot about the intelligence of those in charge and those that watch.

"Ewww....can I have his phone number?"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

YouTube-sday™: 60+ years in the making

It was over 60 years ago the idea was presented. Today, it finally arrives:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Taking your toys and going home.

In President Obama's SOTU address a couple months back, he laid an incredible smackdown on the ridiculous ruling made just a few days prior by the Supreme Court:

And now Chief Justice Roberts has his panties all up his butt. He's all bent, claiming the SOTU is not a forum for a political pep rally. Since when, Johnny? It has ALWAYS degenerated into that. If you don't like the fact that the President, Congress and the country as a majority doesn't appreciate you selling out the laws and governing of this land to the highest bidder, foreign or domestic, then resign.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

YouTube-sday™: Can I have that in writing?

Technically, this isn't a video, but I sure do like the sound of it:

Call your Congressman/woman now and GET THIS BILL PASSED!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

YouTube-sday™: Eggs over easy

I am liking this band

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

YouTube-sday: What is the blues?

Over the weekend, I caught part of a special shown on Ovation TV about Howlin' Wolf. Oh my goodness - amazing fails to convey just how great the movie was. They need to play it about 100 more times. During it, HW plays the following song, after having a little tense words with a very drunk Son House. One thing - in the movie, I could have sworn they showed this song from another camera angle which highlights HW's incredible slide guitar skills. Just get the movie and enjoy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Something has not been right for too long.

I'm no militia member. I have no desire to overthrow the government. If I did, I had the past 8 years I would have been more than happy to be a revolutionary. But since the new administration has come in, it's evident one side of the political spectrum has no desire to do what is right - keep government moving (or even to keep government in the hands of the people). They obstruct every chance they get. Now, they seem to want to change the definition of the word majority to mean that a simple majority is 60% and not 51%.

It's time to get rid of the Senate.

Really - hear me out. The Senate has no real purpose. It's very existence divides the only branch of the government the citizens have the right to choose the representation. Think of it - the Supreme court and many of the lower courts: all the judges are appointed by the President. John Q. Public has no say who sits behind that bench. Mark off the judicial branch. The President is technically not elected by the people but by the electoral college. In that regard, a candidate can win the popular vote (remember that "majority"word) but not win the highest seat in the US. Has happened 4 times in US history. So in effect, Jane Z. Public (John's wife who is a 3rd grade school teacher) cannot decide who gets to work in the Oval Office. Mark off the Executive branch.

That leaves just the Legislative branch - which is divided into two separate groups. You have the House - all elected officials in the House has always been given their seats via winning the majority of votes in their district. Also, the makeup of the House changes as the population moves about the country, so states may gain of lose seats with each census. So Mark V. Public (their son who just graduated from state college) can pick who represents him in the House. The Senate, however, is not based on population, but on simply being a state. All 50 states (and the District of Columbia) get 2 Senators. Not bad, except when you do the math and realize how proportionally unfair such a setup is.

If you look at the 2009 population of each state you will see that the folks living in California only get a roughly 1.9% vote power in the Senate, while the bottom 18 states (and DC) in population total to about the same number of citizens, yet have the voting strength of over 35% in the Senate. Scary fact??? Half of the population of the US have only a 18% voice in the Senate (CA, TX, NY, FL, IL, PA, OH, MI & GA), while the rest of the population is spread out thru 42 states and DC with an astounding 82% might in the Senate. When you think that one of the major duties of the Senate is to confirm judicial and executive nominees, you can see the huge ideological discrepancy that plagues this country and unfairly shifts power to half of this land.

If have yet to read anything that states we should not alter the documents that govern this democracy. I think it's time for a change.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

YouTube-sday™: dueling Bohemians


Tough call. Factor this one in and you could have a brain aneurysm.

Friday, February 5, 2010

What the Friday?!?!®

Welcome to the first edition of yet another (hopefully) weekly (I'll try better) article here at SALT - What the Friday?!?! It's basically your standard WTF moments found in the inner-web world that make me say "What the Friday?!?!" Well.... not "Friday", but you get the idea. Ok - let's light this firecracker:

1) Katy Perry + Russell Brand = marriage
So about a month ago it was announced Katy and Russell got engaged. WTFriday? Someone explain this to me. Now, I get Katy Perry (to a point). Yeah - she's cute. Honestly - this girl is really cute. Don't forget she had had a few hits that stick in your head. But Russell Brand. For starters, he's not really the best looking. But hey - once there was Julie Roberts-Lovett, so I guess anything is possible. But forget his looks - the dude just isn't funny. AT ALL! I love me some good British humor like the next person. Brand isn't in that category. So if it isn't his looks. Or his humor/personality, what is it? I think Katy is hitting the sauce. There - I have started a rumor.

2) College recruiting 2015
USC is jumping all over a 13 yr old kid and has received a signed commitment form from him. That's right - a 13 year old. WTFriday? Currently, the kid is in 7th grade in Deleware. He always dreamed of attending USC, and after viewing a video of him on YouTube, the USC coach called and made the offer to his parents. Now, I'm no expert in football, but isn't he a l-i-t-t-l-e too skinny to be a QB? Linemen push 300. Linebeckers tend to be in the 220s and built like redwoods. If this kid doesn't bulk up, he's in serious trouble. And when he does bulk up, what will happen with his "potential skills". They talk this kid is better than the current USC QB Matt Barkley. Look at the size of Matt. Granted, that's HS. But still, as I said: little David needs to eat his veggies.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I guess I'm not a guy.

I don't think I am much of a man. When I see all the things guys do/like/have/want, maybe I am male by gender and physical build only, and just not a dude in the sense of.....a dude. Think about it:

I don't own a pickup truck. And I have no desire to ever own one. I like my car. It gets me from point A to B. I have made zero attempts to genderize it, so you'll never see a set of these hanging from the back bumper. I don't cover it with NRA stickers, or bikini inspector stickers, or anything that relates to the Bears. Hell, I am not a big football fan. Sure, I'll watch it, but I don't schedule my life around the thing. I can't recall the last Super Bowl I watched from kickoff to trophy presentation. My life is also not scheduled around the SI swimsuit issue or the Victoria's Secret fashion show. I don't like to hunt. Oh - I love me some meat. I'm just glad I don't need to kill it myself. The same with fishing. Sitting in a boat tricking sea kittens is not a good day out for me. But tasting them is.

I wonder if there is a checklist I can find to verify how "guy" I am...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where 37 equals #1.

In the GOP response to the State Of The Union address last night, there were a lot of lies....er... gems. I think this was one of my favorites:

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Only in the mind of people that are hugely funded by the insurance industry can being 37th mean you are the best in the world. GO USA!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

YouTube-sday™: Harp and Harpo

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I must be missing something...

I was nuking my food and couldn't help but see the issue of a magazine called Fast Company with face of Ashton Kutcher on the cover. Reading the article, it talks about Mr. Kutcher being the new face of this media movement of the future.

Ok, for starters - Kutcher sucks. I mean, really - as an actor, he blows. He had one big "hit", that being a dumbass on a lame television show. Movie-wise, all the flicks have tanked. So his talent is limited at best, and frankly, crap for crap. Punk'd? Com'on - a), be original and b) be funny. All that really put him on the map in the first place was being the biggest cougar bait score in Hollywood. Now, you can't get the hell away from him. Yet - think about it. After "The 70's Show", name something besides a commercial he has appeared in. You can't, cuz all you ever see him in are commercials.

And that's just it - Kutcher has done nothing but whore himself out to corporate America. He started with a desperate plea to be followed on Twitter (uh - no) and now, all his forays into any type of production have a corporate sponsor footing the bill (and filling the Hot Pockets on his no-talent pants). From Nestle to Pepsi to Kellogg's to Nikon and beyond, somehow AK is all the rage. And I just don't get it.

Personally, I don't Twitter. I don't Facebook. Any people I want to be in contact with I have email addresses and phone numbers. Why would I want to waste my time with crap that is really nothing more than another way to be lead like lemmings into more financial cliff dives off Mt. Big Business? I guess Kutcher has that figured out, and he rakes in more and more cash doing.... well....nothing. And the drones that follow him buy into his drivel and mindlessly distribute their money for unnecessary goods. Is it that we have not learned, or do we lack the ability to learn.

I guess Kutcher is a genius in this aspect. God help us all.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

YouTube-sday™: Happy belated birthday

I keep missing a day close to him, so the heck with it - let's just honor the man today. Victor Borge would be just over 101 today. And with the current economy, this is pretty relevant.

Man - what a life he lived.