Thursday, November 29, 2007

Go with the flow.

The common translation of Tao is "the way of nature". It's a sense of not struggling against the world but instead finding the path of least resistance. It's not a selfish sense, though, but more of a feeling to allow one's self to work in harmony with the world.

Being a Christ-follower, I see how the way of nature is my path and purpose. In the world, we tend to do so much, yet gain so little. And in the end, we feel tired, and unsatisfied. But by letting go, surrendering to God's will and following His plan, I do little and gain much. Hear (read) me out (and I'll start with a metaphor to thrill my English teacher):

My life is a river. In my decisions on how I want to live and what I want to do, at times I swim side to side, even upstream, against the current. I expend a ton of energy trying to go against the water, and gain little ground. Then when, and if, I get to where I want to be, I'm wiped out. No power left to do anything - at least not with any good results.

Now, let's go the other direction in the pool. Instead of fighting the waves, I allow the flow to take me downstream. I expend just enough energy to stay away from the banks, and if I hit a stone in the stream, I simply go around it, instead of trying to push it out of my path. I travel a great distance, and when I arrive, I am filled with strength to accomplish the task at the end.

This is me following God's way, and not mine. Why do I just get this at 42 years of age?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Uncle Ben said so.

So I was sick last week and into the start of this week. Fever, cough.....the whole deal. Bronchitis. Big whoop. Got some augmentin and I am on the way to recovery.

There....I talked about while I was gone. It's sort of expected in blogs, I hear. Oh. I am losing my voice. Kinda tough when your job is talking on the phone all day.

Anywho - if you have not visited this link: should. And right NOW! Don't ask, just go. And have fun saving the world, 10 grains at a time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The gratuitious sex post

Family values. Fair and balanced. We report, you decide. You hear that a lot on a certain cable news channel, which really seems to avoid such monikers. See - there is this little website, Fox Attacks, that keeps a watchful eye on Ruport Murdoch's empire of politically skewed news reporting, and show it for what it really is. How they stomach watching the site deserves a Nobel prize, if you ask me. At least the Rolaids relief man award. I think Fox has hit a new low, as the below video will document. How any of the images matched up with the "news story" being reported - that's a heck of a stretch. Is someone getting their arm touched a the Playboy mansion news? I guess to the editors at Fox it is. Do we need to see a teeny bikini contest to help us better understand there is a possible serial killer loose in Daytona Beach and how we can protect ourselves? Does pouring ice water on my chest while wearing a white t-shirt scare him away?

See for yourself:

Is it really number one with viewers because of it's "fair news" or it's sex appeal? Considering this report, I wonder.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The wedding ring (or: How I Went to A Rock Concert and Had an Epiphany)

This is my friend's band Eutychus Falling. They RAWK, and rock pretty hard, I think. That's Josh Campbell on his banana colored guitar (this is actually an old pic - that guitar is now a sweet black with pinstripes), Brian Walker hiding behind the drums, Brian Weber on acoustic, and Josh Jahn bassing it up. Yes, Josh/Josh, Brian/Brian. I don't know if they planned that. They had a gig at Clayton's Tap in Morris. First one in a while, and it was a pretty sweet show. I sat with Josh Campbell's lovely (and slightly pregnant) wife Laura. She's the best! As the show was rocking, Laura made a comment about having to get Josh a new wedding band. Being the HVAC guy he is, he goes through them a bunch. He had been without one until Laura got him a replacement. It seems Josh was the target of some major pick-up action at the last EF show. So now his ring finger is adorned, again.

Anywho....the show closes out (with Freebird - what else?) and Laura is all giggly and turns to me saying "I am so glad he is married to me, cuz I would want him SO BAD!". A cute statement, to say the least. So cute I had to mention it to Josh. Well, I am heading home and I think about what Laura had said, and it struck me - she is still in awe of her husband. He can still do something that amazes her. And I thought about my own marriage, and I really can't recall the last time my wife said "I am so glad he is married to me". And that is my fault, because when is the last time I did something that amazed her? If I can't excite my wife with getting the garbage out on time, or keeping the bills organized, or getting a door on the shed, how am I going to amaze her with anything else? How many other couples may struggle with their marriage because they don't amaze each other? I am sure in some couples, there exists an impossible level that one spouse can never achieve. That's unfortunate. Yet in so many others, doing the little things could really keep that spark around. And in doing the little, mundane things, there will be energy left so when you do something really neat, you can be a hero to your spouse.

Friday, November 9, 2007

How about a little gratitude???

Now, I seem to recall a hearing that a Seinfeld episode talked about this very subject, but let me say up front that I was never into that show. I can't even watch the reruns. I have probably seen all of ten episodes, and I just don't find the amazing humor that is Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. Then again, I thought Paycheck was a pretty dang good movie.

However, what in the world has happened to the courtesy wave? Has it become that impossible to show a little appreciation for kindness? Now, the rampant disappearance of this endangered species won't stop me from being thoughtful to my fellow motorist. In fact, being nice actually speeds up my commute, so you can think of this as me really doing it just for myself. However, why can't someone acknowledge your actions and show a little love to you with a simple hand swaying? If you have this whole 2/10 hand position fear, remember you are probably traveling at under 5 MPH when you merge, so I don't think you will be crashing any time soon, Jeff Gordon. And waving won't get me pulling out a gun for I think you are flashing some rival gang sign at me. And I am fairly certain I passed far enough through math class to discern the difference between a 5 fingered expression of gratefulness and a single finger symbol of displeasure.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My secret....

The computer tech support rep. The Dittos addict.
Jeff has agreed to be in a blog about addiction. He does not know he will soon face an intervention.

Ok, so here's how it started. A couple months ago, an my way home from work one day, I stopped to get gas at Speedway. I usually will go in to pick up a little snack for the rest of the ride home. Lunch is early and a feel a little nibbleish. Well, I couldn't find any Cracker Jack this day, so in my search, I came across Jenny's Dittos. Not the cheddar or the butter, but the caramel corn Dittos. I think Heaven has been found on earth!!! Where to start?? Ok - this is a popcorn product with no husks. +20 points right off the bat. But the key of these gems is the caramel coating. The kernel is not lightly coated like Cracker Jack but a heavy, hard, sweet caramel coating exists on each delicious nugget in the bag. Words cannot properly convey these golden globes of gourmet goodness (my English teacher would be so proud of that alliteration). I can only suggest to you that you yourself procure a bag of your own to really see what all my fuss is about.

However, you stay out of the Speedway's located at 1) Itasca at Arlington Hgts Rd, 2) Bolingbrook on Joliet Rd, 3) Bolingbrook on 53 & I-55 and 4) Shorewood at Rt. 59 and Black Rd. Those are MY stores - don't be buying from my pushers. Find your own freaking supplier.