Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good guys wear black

So the ChiSox bats are finally waking up. After giving away 2 games to the Flubs over the weekend (yes - gave away - those were not clean wins Flubs fans), they decided to wake up their bats. Now, it's not doing jack squat for my fantasy team yet, but at least we can battle in games now. Nice to see Thome back and hitting as well. Ya need a stick like that to keep the other teams honest.

Related, while speaking of the Flubs, they did announce that Mr. Cub Ernie Banks is getting a statue outside that pit they call a ballpark. It's about damn time. While you can hate the uniform (it's in your DNA, people), Banks was a hell of a player. How do they give Harry Caray a statue before Ernie? Harry was a shell of himself when he was with the Flubs. Backwards talk, stupid fan shout outs and poor play calling....Caray should have quit years prior (like when he left the ChiSox booth in '82). But if you have seen the videos "When It Was A Game" - Harry was on his game. That guy could announce for the Cardinals. Rent them if you can find them. You might just need to buy those videos, but they are worth it. Baseball from 1946 thru the early 60's. In color. Now that is baseball.

There....I have given you a movie night. Enjoy yourselves.