Friday, April 25, 2008


Anyone had Cracker Jack lately? Can the prize inside get any worse? I remember when they had some pretty sweet prizes. Heck - I used to live near the plant (when it was by Midway Apt), and you could walk in there an buy a bag of just Cracker Jack prizes. And there were some sweet prizes in the past. Little toy cars, stickers, trivia slide cards, maze games....tons of cool stuff for a quarter, with the caramel corn as a bonus.

Now? Geeez. There's a word for it. And let me see if I can spell it correctly:


Man - I can't believe the current prize selections dropped in the bag. And they refer to it as a "toy surprise". Oh, it's a surprise alright. You wanna tell me how folding the corners over on some paper to cover the face of a young Susan B. Anthony to show an OLDER Susan B. Anthony is "designed for fun"?? They don't even mention "Toy Surprise Inside!" on the front of the bag anymore. Just have Jack holding that pathetic piece of paper. Bring back the baseball cards!!!

Thank goodness for zero trans fat, though.