Thursday, November 6, 2008

Right guard

After the fantastic win on Tuesday night, many right wing pundits still like the claim the country is "center-right", meaning that as a population, our thoughts and ideals border being in the center or leaning to the conservative right.

Today, the NY Times posted a very interesting map:
This map is fairly simple. What is shows is the voting habits for each county in the US. The colors signify the difference between the voting habits from the 2004 election and the 2008 election. If the county is red, the voting in that area was more Republican in 2008 compared to 2004. If it's blue, then the county voted more Democratic in 2008 than 2004.

Now, I'm no political expect (though I do play on on TV), but to me, that map tells me that while certain states still voted Republican than Democratic, from the ground, many more votes were placed for the blue side of the ballot than the red side.

You can enjoy the map yourself at this link. Just click on the "voting shifts" button on the left and have interactive fun zooming in and getting more detailed information.