Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Move it back

Could someone please explain the whole "backing into a parking spot" deal? Am I missing something? There must be some kind of benefit for the .02% of people that back in that the rest of us fail to receive. Right?

Are you embarrassed by the back or your car? Is it that ugly? Granted, mine is pretty ugly from behind, but that's because someone hit the rear and the bumper shattered (yes, shattered. Cold + plastic = shatter). I'm okay with it, though.

Is there some advantage to pulling out of your parking spot and driving forward immediately as opposed to backing out and shifting into drive? I've never timed it, but I'm pretty sure I can back out of my spot and be traveling in a forward direction, towards my destination in about 5 seconds. When you factor in the time I take to get into my spot at 1 or 2 seconds, and you take 20 to back in, I'm pretty confident I am ahead of your game by about 10 ticks.

And what's with that look you give us? You were the one driving by the open spot. How about equiping your vehicle with some kind of signaling device so we know you are going to be an annoying jerk and plan to back into that spot you half drove past? It would really help me to try and fathom your thought process.

And lastly - don't ever....EVER back into a spot when the lanes are diagonal and there is only one way the lane goes. Cuz we all know the only way to pull out is to drive against the flow. And that dirty look you give cuz I am following the rules and you are not just proves you're an ass.