Friday, May 22, 2009

The weaker phylum.

I've come to the conclusion that we are lucky to be the creatures were are. Human, that is. We have definite control over the other living beings on earth, whether sky, ground or sea. Maybe too much considering the 700 plus specices of ex-beasts not roaming the planet. Yet, we are still here, even though we are easily outnumbered on the planet by the members of the class Insecta. I mean - 9 out of ever 10 living things (not animals - THINGS!) on the planet are bugs. They could dominate if they so choose. But they don't. I'm pretty sure there are two simple reasons.

1) Bugs don't understand glass. Ever see one in your house, your car, the store, the restaurant? They walked along the glass, looking for the whole that just isn't there. Then the get airborne for a second or two, try another spot on the window, only to be denied yet again. In the car, I try and shoo them towards the open window, cuz I'm not looking for bug guts on my window, but they move away and continue to try some Alice Through the Looking Glass approach to get on the other side of the pane, and gain freedom. Until they learn just what transparancy they are viewing, they are destined to die on the wrong side of the glass.

2) Toilets. Insects can't swim. Yeah, I know there are a few that have mastered the skill. They don't count. 99.9% of the bugs can't ride the rapids in the toilet bowl and drown. And you would think with 6 to 8 legs average they would be treading water like a pro. Nope - the wave crashes over they heads and away they go. If they day comes that bugs evolve flipper feet, we are all in serious trouble.