Friday, February 5, 2010

What the Friday?!?!®

Welcome to the first edition of yet another (hopefully) weekly (I'll try better) article here at SALT - What the Friday?!?! It's basically your standard WTF moments found in the inner-web world that make me say "What the Friday?!?!" Well.... not "Friday", but you get the idea. Ok - let's light this firecracker:

1) Katy Perry + Russell Brand = marriage
So about a month ago it was announced Katy and Russell got engaged. WTFriday? Someone explain this to me. Now, I get Katy Perry (to a point). Yeah - she's cute. Honestly - this girl is really cute. Don't forget she had had a few hits that stick in your head. But Russell Brand. For starters, he's not really the best looking. But hey - once there was Julie Roberts-Lovett, so I guess anything is possible. But forget his looks - the dude just isn't funny. AT ALL! I love me some good British humor like the next person. Brand isn't in that category. So if it isn't his looks. Or his humor/personality, what is it? I think Katy is hitting the sauce. There - I have started a rumor.

2) College recruiting 2015
USC is jumping all over a 13 yr old kid and has received a signed commitment form from him. That's right - a 13 year old. WTFriday? Currently, the kid is in 7th grade in Deleware. He always dreamed of attending USC, and after viewing a video of him on YouTube, the USC coach called and made the offer to his parents. Now, I'm no expert in football, but isn't he a l-i-t-t-l-e too skinny to be a QB? Linemen push 300. Linebeckers tend to be in the 220s and built like redwoods. If this kid doesn't bulk up, he's in serious trouble. And when he does bulk up, what will happen with his "potential skills". They talk this kid is better than the current USC QB Matt Barkley. Look at the size of Matt. Granted, that's HS. But still, as I said: little David needs to eat his veggies.