Thursday, June 21, 2007

Organization, stress and the rest...

So my life is in total disarray. Who's isn't, right? With all the responsibilities of being a parent, spouse, employee, home owner, friend and about a million other hats, it's very simple to live a life of complete chaos. Then factor in my incredible skills of....well....suck-a-tude, and you have a recipe even Rachel Ray would turn up her nose. I really don't know how I got to this point, other than to believe one or more of the seven deadly sins (I'm looking at you, Sloth) had a huge role in it. Then we factor in that my doctor tells me my cholesterol is high, my sugar is high, my good cholesterol is low....blah blah blah....and that's enough of a wake up call that says it's time to kick Sloth to the curb, along with his pals (not so fast though, Lust).

Just can leave too, Lust.

Anywho - so changes are in the works. For starters, a good "To Do" list, with all the crapola I always forget on the list, with actual completion dates and such. The dates are the hardest part (contrary to what Tom Petty says). When the list is as big as it is, trying to knock out tasks in an orderly fashion and on schedule is difficult. Then have someone quite....well....suckful, trying to make some sense and create a viable sequence of said tasks - that's a challenge. So it's a slow go right now, but a go at the very least. Better than the past, which was a long series of inefficiency.

Then the whole doctor thing. For starters, I have eaten more fruit in the past two weeks than any fruit bat. And man, I really want a Hostess cupcake! But I do feel a little better. My back is still ....well....suckage, but that will come as I get the weight loss in gear and start the exercising. Eating healthy is a chore, but it is important to me. My wife mentioned something that cinnamon helps with lowering cholesterol. I wonder if cinnamon sticks are tasty to chew on, ala beef jerky.

And finally, the bills. I don't think I need to go into any description of the total....well....suckedness, of the family finances. Budgeting, yet another ability I failed to receive. It is definitely a learned talent. One would think with my mad math skillz I would have no issues with budgeting. Well, I can handle balancing a check book. That is simple. Balancing the out going cash.....that is a skill. A friend (Kayla) is incredible at money organization. I just need to continue picking her brain.

So my goal is about 210lbs and just some medical debt by 2008. Then I won't....well....suck.