Friday, June 15, 2007

Random musings 6/15/07

I love payday. I hate the bills that suck up the cash, but I am grateful the day arrives and I can help the family survive another week.

Saw POTC3 during the week. What was wrong with it? It wasn't as bad as I have read.

I need to pick up my Star Wars stamps. I hope my wife doesn't mind a $300 purchase at the post office. I hope the couch is soft this weekend...

My doctor says my cholesterol is high, so I need to get that down. I don't think anyone has eaten as much fruit as I have in that past week. He also said my sugar is high. Geeez - I am missing the vending machine on my 2nd break. Getting old bites.

I am amazed how good I am feeling each week after softball. Maybe I am not that old. (I almost typed that without laughing)

Thank goodness for all the Viagra ads in my email. I just don't know what I would do without knowing of the 56.3 million places I can buy it without a prescription. I am getting old, ya know.