Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Christmas in August

Any chance this could be under my August Christmas tree?

September 24th is such a long way away......

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Running neck and neck...

So I now go to a chiropractor. It's really been a long, oft delayed action of mine, and I am sure, by 6pm tonight, I'll get smacked (figuratively) for waiting this long.

Really, if we go back, all my back pain (and let me tell you, there is some back pain) can be traced to a fall out of a tree when I was 14 or so. Landed right on my coccyx from about 5 feet or so. I recall it hurting pretty bad, but being of that age, big whoop, right? I felt fine the following day, so I thought so little of it.

Well, let's move ahead years, to me waking up with back pain at the base of my spine. Hurt, but a simple rotation of my waist, a pop and a crack, and I was good to go. And if we jump a head a few more years - the pain is still there, but the Chubby Checker move just ain't cutting it. Yet, stupid me just puts up with it, Advil'ing it and warm baths.

Well, with my wife going to take care of some issues she's having, I got a free exam out of the deal. While the pic here is NOT me, it's pretty dang close to my neck. And for those they don't know, that is not a good neck. No curve at all. Not good. I am putting too much pressure on my spinal cord. Tonight, I see the xrays of my lower back. Yeah....those should be pretty funny.

So it'll be an entire wellness program. Get that curve back in my neck and see what can be done to loosen my back. Don't get old. Trust me on this one.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Move to Russia, have sex, make babies....

.....and win lots of prizes!!! I wonder if they have a showcase showdown at the end.

While the article cracks me up, a few of the comments to it have me a little worried. Just how many more people will buy into the "no global warming" myth?? Just what catastrophe has to occur for people to truly understand that man and some of his activities on this planet have a negative effect? Katrina wasn't enough? Floods all over the world? Wicked temperature changes? Acid rain? And when do these same people switch gears and pull out their "well, the Dems didn't do anything about it" talking points memo?

Time to wake up people. 90% of scientists can't be wrong. Especially when most of the ones that CLAIM there is no such environmental change are the same ones that are funded by oil, coal and other fossil fuel organizations.

Oh....the girl? Well, search "Russian flag" in Google and she was one of the image returns. It was you that thought naughty. You should be ashamed.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Vacation, part deux...

So, back to my vacation. Week 2, otherwise known as the "full week" of vacation, started with housework. For some reason, my daughter talked my wife into a yard sale. So, getting all the stuff (and by stuff, I mean that in the nicest sense cuz really, what is sold at a garage/yard sale but sh*t) together was a chore beyond chore. Pricing and all - a lot of work undertaken by my wife. I was mostly the grunt, moving stuff about. Before the big days (Fri and Sat), we took a little trip to Yogi park in Plymouth, IN. Man - I have been going to this place f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Best guess.....27 years. The kids love going there for it has long worn off it's fun for me. But since they like, we go. Plymouth is a "not much" town. Not a lot to do. We did hit the movies (the drive in was not an option with the rain), the kids fished, dinner at Ponderosa (don't find many of them anymore) and then a stop at Albanese candy factory on the way home. Oh yeah.....just call that place heaven!

So, yard sale. We sold a bunch of stuff. A lot of the rest went from the driveway to Morningstar Mission. 'Nuf said.

Monday, back to the doctor. The son needed his HS physical and I had a follow up. Doc and I talked more about my crappy numbers. So, I'm still alive, and I have a goal to drop at least a pound a week until I go back in December. Pressure.... And we didn't touch the Cubs banner. Yet.