Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Vacation, part deux...

So, back to my vacation. Week 2, otherwise known as the "full week" of vacation, started with housework. For some reason, my daughter talked my wife into a yard sale. So, getting all the stuff (and by stuff, I mean that in the nicest sense cuz really, what is sold at a garage/yard sale but sh*t) together was a chore beyond chore. Pricing and all - a lot of work undertaken by my wife. I was mostly the grunt, moving stuff about. Before the big days (Fri and Sat), we took a little trip to Yogi park in Plymouth, IN. Man - I have been going to this place f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Best guess.....27 years. The kids love going there for it has long worn off it's fun for me. But since they like, we go. Plymouth is a "not much" town. Not a lot to do. We did hit the movies (the drive in was not an option with the rain), the kids fished, dinner at Ponderosa (don't find many of them anymore) and then a stop at Albanese candy factory on the way home. Oh yeah.....just call that place heaven!

So, yard sale. We sold a bunch of stuff. A lot of the rest went from the driveway to Morningstar Mission. 'Nuf said.

Monday, back to the doctor. The son needed his HS physical and I had a follow up. Doc and I talked more about my crappy numbers. So, I'm still alive, and I have a goal to drop at least a pound a week until I go back in December. Pressure.... And we didn't touch the Cubs banner. Yet.