Friday, July 27, 2007


So I am on vacation this past week or so (total of 10 days to be exact). No real cash to go anywhere, so we have been puttering around the house. It's not like there wasn't activities to do, though. It's been a pretty decent time off.

Started with Ignite Chicago. That was a blast and then some. Some really great bands on stage. We arrived in the middle of Seventh Day Slumber's set, and they were sounding pretty sweet. Metal meets Jesus....who knew. After them, Tree 63 took they stage. They were great to listen too, and of all the bands there, really had the only decent t-shirt I liked. But I didn't really have the cash, so I didn't buy it. I will kick myself later. After Tree 63 finished, Barlow Girl came on. Dang!!! They KILLED! Chicks can rock! I started working my way to the stage during Rebecca St. James's set. She was RSJ - very standard and very good. She had her brothers sing a song. You can just see the line of swoony teenaged girls mentally jotting down their Myspace page to add on their friends list. After Rebecca (and a too long a break cuz of a technicial glitch, which was passed with a little crowd surfing to return a passed t-shirt to autograph):

came David Crowder - the real reason I wanted to come. And he didn't disappoint. The crowd was totally into the band and his set. It was a crime when his set ended, but they already had him extend it one song. The night was complete with Casting Crowns, who were, I guess, considered the head liners. They finished the night very well, and we all left with a good smile on our face (to match any of the red from the sun).

The following day came a trip to Burbank for the Chicago Fire vs. Celtic FC. While it seemed that Celtic could just bring their developmental team, best I could tell from fans and my partners (which included my son, his friend and his father, who hails from Scotland), this was a good part of the real Celtic. The game was great, as were the seats. I am sure the size of the field made it a little more difficult for Celtic, but the teams did have a pretty evenly matched feel to them, which was a good surprise. An "all play at one end" domination would have made the game pretty crappy to watch. Turned into a 1-1 draw, and I guess that is the best one can hope for, with the garbage season the Fire is having anyway.

Ok.....more vacation fun in the next posting.