Tuesday, March 4, 2008

YouTube-sday™: Royal w/ cheese

Last night, my wife, son and I are watching the tube and we watch some 20/20 special about Queen Elizabeth. I wouldn't say it was riveting television, but it was fun. And it got decidedly more fun when my wife and I started getting weird. See - at times, we will just mute the volume of a show and add our own soundtrack. Been doing it for many a year.

Last night, it started with a segment mentioning that their is no official royal airplane (like Air Force One), but they will charter a flight. That started the barrage of ridiculous ideas in our heads, all spoken in pathetic English accents. From "one bag of peanuts? I am not amused", to "I rather enjoy exiting the plane on the emergency ramp. A royal decree - that shall be my standard exit henceforth", we we just cracking up the rest of the show. There is nothing like just messing with extremely prim and proper people and having something like "Welcome to the cockpit, your Majesty. Tell me Liz... you ever been in a Turkish prison" said to them.

Well - on that note, enjoy Tony Blair singing some Clash: