Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I forgot.

I completely forgot about YouTube-sday™ yesterday. Got busy at work and BAM!!! The day was over and I forgot.

Interesting enough, today I read this link, and for me forgetting, it's the perfect follow up to my small error. Here's the gist of the link: the current administration in the White House has totally screwed up and violated the law when it comes the email correspondence. See, while the previous admin (ie: Bill Clinton) had no issues with the archiving of emails as required by law, this current admin just scrapped the entire system (automated, btw) for their own, which was a manual back up and wide open to be exploited. And to top it off, many of the people in the WH admin used personal email addresses to send correspondence. If just one of those emails sent had anything to do with the action of the White House and the law of the land, that is a serious violation of federal law. Over 1/3 of the current emails on the server for these personal accounts (Republican National Committee email accounts, for the record) were sent to .gov emails, so we can assume at least one the millions of lost emails went to a .gov address.

That leads me (and should lead you) to one of two conclusions: either Dubya and the rest of his cronies are the STUPIDEST people on the face of the earth, or the most corrupt.

Either/or, that makes him the worst president ever. Especially when they are planning another bull%$&# war.