Thursday, July 31, 2008

143 years and still counting.

Heading home from work yesterday, a pickup truck entered the expressway about 10 miles from my home, proudly flying the stars and stripes of Old Glory. But he had the stars and bars of the Confederate States waving beside it.


Why have so many learned nothing and still have this innate hatred of their fellow man? Why is this even allowed to still exist? This symbol of slavery is flown everywhere. You hear and read so much of people that claim "It's not racism. It's just me honoring my ancestors and celebrating my heritage." Your ancestors enslaved humans and your heritage is a disgusting line of cruelty!! Why do we not believe the claim when someone flies this and says "it's just me remembering my legacy"? Cause we know that symbol is wrong, just as the Confederate flag is wrong. Justify it all you want - no person that believes in the equality of all men would think the flag is anything but the support of a horrible blemish in the history of the US, and the world.

And now, here we are as a country with a qualified African American poised to take a seat behind the most powerful desk in the country, and yet - too many still live and think as if we are still in an era of intolerance. I think instead of them seceding, we just need to kick them out.


John said...

Is it at least acceptable to fly the Stars and Bars when I participate in my civil war reenactments?

JediJeff said...

Sure - that's makes sense. You are setting a mood. I don't have an issue with WW2 movies or Civil War movies. I just have an issue with a direct display that shows little respect for your fellow man.