Monday, July 28, 2008

Are we getting too lazy?

I remember a short time back yet another article telling us how fat and lazy we are as a nation. Stinks how true it is, but facts are facts. And then I was in the washroom earlier (when nature calls, one must respond accordingly) and I noticed just how many inventions are around that do nothing but contribute to that laziness. Granted, many do not affect the whole tub-of-lard thing, but as a nation, we are some lazy dudes.

Back to the bathroom and auto flushing toilets. Now com'on.... is it that dang difficult to push the lever down??? Do you get some weird enjoyment over leaving what you left in the bowl for the next person to view? And what about the faucets? There is no way you can wet your hands, dispense soup, lather and rinse all in the 6.4 seconds the hot water button stays down. That is at least a three push procedure. But sometime, in the past, someone just turned the water on, washed up and walked away. I wonder just what the homes of these people look like (or smell).