Friday, August 29, 2008

Wash behind your ears.

I run across stuff that I think "Hey - I need to get snarky and write a post about this", so I will save a link into a text file with the intention of getting back to digesting and mentally regurgitating my thoughts. Needless to say, that list is getting pretty big, so hows about some backwash on a few, just to empty it a bit:

**Here's a great YouTube video about Sicks Stadium - home to the Seattle Pilots and Rainiers. Music ain't great but the pics are pretty cool.

**I find this article a little sad. Forgotten for 35 years? May I never go through that.

**I like this video. It has nothing to do with the fact she is female or how she is dressed or anything like "Boy, she's hot". In fact, I only saw the video cuz it was linked through another site I visit. I just find her hula hoops skills pretty cool. Now, I can see how someone loves dance and can turn that into a career. Just what kind of career does a hula hooper have? Anyway - check out her mad skillz.

**In a related story to the woman forgotten for 35 years, Scotty not only can't find the power, Capt'in - his remains can't seem to make it to outer space.

**And lastly, in another level of relation to Scotty, did you know the laptops on the International Space Station don't have any anti-virus software? Hey Buck Rogers, ever hear of AVG?