Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best dressed.

That little gem, along with some other great Ts, buttons, stickers and the like can be found here - courtesy of the fantastic website called The Other 95%. The Other 95 simply fight back against the teabaggers and their outlandish fingers-on-a-chalkboard screams of socialism, death panels, birth certificates and the like. I think I have to get that shirt, as I made under 50k last year but paid almost 30% in state and local taxes. Exxon made 45.2 billion and paid a total of $0 in taxes in 2009. Hard to comprehend? Let's look at that graphically:

profit = $45,200,000,000
taxes paid = $0

At least Exxon is not alone. GE didn't pay any taxes to the US government either. Then again, thru tax breaks they made another $1.1 billion on their bottom line. Well played, GE. Well played indeed.

Thankfully, I pay less than I did a few years ago.