Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yup, it sucks.

I have taken great pride in NOT being sucked into the crap they call "television" lately. Never watched Survivor, Apprentice, Bachelor, Great Race, Two and a Half Men - none of that junk.

"Why don't you like me?"

But the other day, my daughter flipped on American Idol, and it was Beatles night. I figured this would be interesting. Knowing Idol's ability to finding nothing but the best talent (Carrie Underwood excluded) and totally blowing it on real talent,

"Suck it, Simon."

I knew this should be a train wreck of epic proportions - Idol did not fail. The idea was to take Beatles songs and "make them your own". This might include rearranging the piece to suit you. Let me repeat that: Rearranging the piece. I can't think of a single Beatles song that could stand for a new arrangement to make it better. Simon, the head moron on the judging table, seems to think otherwise when he stated that some Beatles song could use a new sound. This coming from a guy with the fashion sense of The Situation.


Needless to say, I only watched about 2.4 songs. That was the limit I could stomach. And the things they did to violate the songs should have been criminal. How this is considered good might be subject to debate. But if you take the side that it's well done, you would be wrong. That's something that one finds in a newborn's diaper. Then some other dingbat thought he could make an improvement on a classic tune and turned in this craptastic performance. Leave the stage now. And WTF is this? Really....WTF? Are you serious???

Well, that's my Idol fill for a lifetime. As I always knew, it's bad beyond my expectations. And really, when this is a runner up, that's tells a lot about the intelligence of those in charge and those that watch.

"Ewww....can I have his phone number?"