Thursday, June 3, 2010

Would you want to be in her head?

It must be nice being Quitter Sarah Palin, saying all she says and actually BELIEVING she is right. Some how she sleeps at night and thinks up death panels, foreign policy osmosis and reading all them newspapers. First she chanted "Drill, baby, drill", then denyied saying it. Now Ms. moron Palin has decided to blame the Deep Water disaster in the Gulf on environmentalists. Since people have fought to protect fragile Alaska land from more destructive activities, dingbat Palin claims those battles force companies to takes risks to get the oil we need to feed our addiction and opening ANWR will solve all our problems.

Except once again, Sarah nut is full of it. Drilling in ANWR will do nothing to help out our use of fossil fuels. There are not billions and billions of oil available. There's just a few billion. Barely 2 years worth. Not worth the effort when we'd be better off investing in better, cleaner, safer forms of energy. Cuz when it comes down to it, what looks better:

This, this and this? Or that, that and that?

(quick side question - how many high ranking former state officials use Facebook? I didn't know you could be elected governor up there at 13. )