Monday, March 4, 2013

Honda - love the card, HATE the dealer

Been a long time since I have been here, but sometimes you need to say something loud for the world to hear:

Honda of Joliet is the worst dealership on the face of the earth.

Took my wife's CR-V to the dealer because it wouldn't start. My daughter was using the car. Tried to back out of a parking spot and the car died. When I got over to look at it, it was similar to an issue that happened less that 2 years ago. Timing chain. I spent a grand back then. Not 50k miles later and the problem is back. Had it towed to the dealer to see what was wrong, I was hoping it was under warranty, but 12 months or 12k miles on a part that should never fail. Hmmm.....

Anyway, the dealer calls be back. Timing jumped 6 teeth. Yeah, I figured. Also the camshaft is worn. And maybe the valves are bent. To be safe, you need to replace the engine.


First of - the car has 202k miles on it. The camshaft SHOULD be worn a little. Second, you are just guessing the valves are bent. No proof? Third - seven grand for a new engine? Are you frigging joking with me? Needless to say, I was not happy, and I expressed it as such. No thanks - I'd don't think it's as bad as you claim. I'll just take it to someone that wants to fix my car. Sure, I wasn't very nice, but would you be happy with being told you needed a new engine?

I guess saying no to Honda of Joliet is akin to saying no to the mafia, because you are pretty much a pile of crap to them at this point. I was working overtime, so my wife went to pay their $120 for a diagnostic. My daughter went with, and the service center was nothing but rude to her. Hey - if you are pissed at me, fine. But you show my wife respect. They have her pay the fine, and then disappear. Um.....keys? Ya know - we need those things to start the car when a good mechanic fixes the timing? It took 20 minutes until my daughter walks up to the guy and tells him to give us the keys. So nice, Roger.

I head out there Friday to get it towed to my local car repair shop that had just fixed my daughter's car. Ironically, her issue was also timing. Anyway, I get to the dealer to find my car so I can help the tow truck, and boy, do I find it. First, it's jammed in this corner of the lot. Second, the car is in pieces. Some of the engine parts are on the passenger seat. Other parts, like screws, oil dipstick and the spark plus, are sitting on the wiper blades in the weather. I pop the hood and there is the engine cover just laying there. It was nice to be able to see the "worn" camshaft. Yeah - it looked like it had 200k miles of use on it. The car started find just before the timing jump, Honda - there are no performance issues.

So I paid $120 to basically be told "screw you". I guess if you don't just open your pocket book to Honda of Joliet and let them take what they want for crappy work, you are treated like dog crap.

Here's the comment I sent them. I am sure I will get little response except some half-assed "sorry you were upset" non-apology. No - I am sorry I ever set foot in your business - I won't ever again.

I am done with your dealership. Whether or not I am kind or considerate, you do NOT treat a customer's car they way you treated mine. Because I don't bend over and just accept to spend 7 grand to replace an engine that is not that badly damaged doesn't mean you leave my car in pieces, push it out the door and treat myself and my wife like crap. I guess the adage of the customer being right doesn't apply with Honda of Joliet. With your company, it's just accept what we say and open up our wallets, or we'll treat you like dirt and not complete to work I paid for. I paid $120 for a diagnostic, and since I didn't want to drop in a new engine, you leave my car in pieces by the fence? Head cover off -  screws, dipstick and plugs sitting outside by the wiper blades - coils sitting on the passenger seat. How the hell is that "good customer service"? Maybe that's just "Honda of Joliet you didn't bow down to our greatness so f*ck you" customer service. Didn't even do the common courtesy of putting the engine cover back on and the plugs back in. You did half a diagnostic - you owe me $60.

I will never, EVER come to your dealership for anything. I will let everyone of my friends that own Hondas to get their service and parts done at other dealers. I will purchase my next Honda from another dealership.

You could have been helpful, but you have been so much more.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

YouTube-sday™: Shock and awe you kidding me!

It's the little things that help me remember why I am a progressive and a liberal. Things like this:

I can't even begin with the level of lies in that 61 seconds. For the bajillionith time, it is NOT "ground zero". It is two blocks away, the same distance from the WTC footprint as a strip club and an OTB. Second, it's a 13 story community center, not a domed mosque as you depict. The worship area is one floor. Also, among the 3000 "Americans" that died were 310 "non-Americans", as well as unknown deaths of people that worshiped Islam. And lastly, you are going to use the video of someone leaping to their death to raise money in an attempt to violate the Constitution.

I'm done typing. I have to go be sick now.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Now that's much better.

How it should have sounded from the get-go:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Maybe you didn't think this through.

An innerwebs user posted this picture of a bumper sticker he found at his parent's home:

Ok - besides the obvious scariness involving veiled threats of violence, let's delve into this just a little more.

Legion. For teabaggers, it's pretty weird they would refer to a demon from the Bible this way. Legion was a possessed man that Jesus came across. This guy spent his days roaming a cemetery near Gerasenes, scaring the living crap out of people. Then big JC shows up, Legion freaks out from being in his presence and asks for mercy. Jesus then casts the demons into a herd of pigs, who proceed to do their best lemming impersonation, swan diving off the cliff into the water below.

Note is does NOT say "We are a legion". The lack of the first letter of the alphabet and the lower case "l" means they are not referring to their group as some 4500 strong Roman army. The only other explanation is that they lack the ability to properly proofread. But I still believe they made that statement with the direct intent of placing the name "Legion" upon themselves.

Here's my question: why would a bunch of people that like to boast of their Christian values and their desire to return this country to an earlier way of life compare themselves with a demon possessed man? Discuss.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Beating the heat...

So the whole train wreck that was the self promoting, self serving crap called the 2010 NBA free agency is almost over. It's pretty evident the interviews and presentations made by NBA teams to that hack Lebron were all for show. One would have to be a newborn to not see the weeks of vying for the "talents" of Lebron, Duane and Bosh were simply some pseudo-sexual game played by those three.

Now, supposedly the Heat is the team to defeat (even though it should be fun to watch Wade and James fight to see who will be the star and who will be the supporting player, ala Jordan & Pippen).

I thought I would offer a few potential free agents the Bulls, Cavs, Knicks and other teams could sign to assist in keeping the new Heat in check. Click the name to see the potential basketball talent each option could bring to their new club:

Tony Tanti
John Scott
Nolan Ryan
Dan Carcillo
Vince Young
Nigel De Jong
Mike Tyson
Chun Li
this one cat

Or they could trade for:
Ron Artest

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

YouTube-sday™: Sears goes retro

So to promote there new premium DieHard batteries, Sears hit up a 80's one hit wonder:

Awwwww yeah! Gotta like that Numan was up for something like that. Maybe he just needed the cash. But seeing that made me long for the video. Enjoy:

And in searching for that, I found this:


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

YouTube-sday™: 2010 movie releases

With the 2010 summer releases in full blown assault, none of them really have me excited. I was geared up for the Clash Of The Titans remake, and that disappointed me a bit (no Bubo?!?). Other than that, I am waiting for the end of the year releases - November and December to be exact. Here's what is on my radar in no particular order:

Chronicles Of Narnia 3

Let's go!