Monday, June 4, 2007

Random thoughts....

(This could be scary. You have been warned.)

Yard work sucks. I hate it. Oh, I like how it looks when you finish, but I do not enjoy the pain you get at the end of the day, or for the next three for that matter.

Gas prices are down.....from impossible to unreasonable. I like how John Stossel totally kissed the butt of the oil companies on 20/20. His logic is completely unsound and his claims are total lies. The fact is that oil companies have made record profits for the past two years, while they reap tax benefits. I think Stossel is bucking for a job with Fox News. All he needs to do is spend 3 years talking about Anna Nicole.


The Sox bullpen makes me cry.

Rented "The Departed" this weekend. Ummm....what the hell was that? So Scorsese got his Oscar for that movie. Well, "Gangs Of New York" was a 100 times better of a movie than "The Departed". Just when you get into one of their stories, it flips to the other. Bad editing. I should have watched "Zoolander" again.

My next life, I want to be rich and stupid.

Beer qualifies as an appetizer. I have an Outback steak house coaster that claims that, so who am I to argue.