Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hey batter, batter....

So I play in a Saturday morning softball league. Some days, 7am comes REALLY early. But it is fun, paling with friends, laughing, and getting back (sort of) to one of my first loves - baseball. I'm back patrolling 2nd base, like the good old days. But, those were long ago, and my stick and glove are quite rusty. I can't recall a single error I made back in my baseball days. Now - my body just doesn't move fast enough or bend over low enough to make the play. I need to work on that.

Now, in regard to the lumber (errr....aluminum now), that is slowly coming back. I was never the long ball hitter. Hell - I only hit one home run in my entire sporting career, at that was at a field with no fences. Ball in the long grass on a fly = Home Run. I bet that ball hit the grass about 3 inches off the ground (I never looked at the ball). In the beginning of the league, I was having major issues. From swinging bunts to crappy pop fly Texas leaguers - nothing like I was used to. "Get your elbow up" was all I heard. Well, I finally decided to just concentrate on the back elbow, and low and behold - the stick came back. I even hit a home run, go figure. So it was a bit of an error and some unknown wheels that got me all the way around the bases - that was a home run in my book. We are in first place right now, playing the top team just percentage points behind us this weekend. Does it get any better than that?

Oh right - it may not, since the coach is moving us up to A division next season. What the....?