Monday, July 2, 2007

Paper never played so good

Welcome to my new addiction. Oh man - these things are SO dang awesome! These are Star Wars Pocket Models by Wizkids. These things are just amazing. First off, they are Star Wars. That, alone, is enough to make them beyond awesome, into some realm that, quite frankly, I cannot create words that would truly describe them without taking away from the greatest they are. Second, the design of these little models is well thought out and designed. They just ooze cool. Third, these are not those cheap, cheezy paper models when I was younger. The paper stock is über thick, and I has to have some kind of plastic coating. The ship construction tabs just will not bend when you put tab A into slot B. So no 5 year old frustration of the completed "toy" looking like crap or falling apart here.

You can find them at Target and Walmart, they claim, though Walmart has been a bust for me so far. They aren't cheap at $5 a pack, but you get at least 4 ships in a pack, sometimes 8 (I have run that range in the packs I have bought, averaging 5 ships - 4 fighters and a larger ship). Plus you get 6 cards with them, ala CCG cards. The standard common, uncommon and rare kind (3-2-1 packing). I have a couple foil cards. Not sure if this is the standard for the cards I got (Solo and Vader) or if they are more of a "rare" rare.

But what do I really care - these things RULE!!!!