Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My secret....

The computer tech support rep. The Dittos addict.
Jeff has agreed to be in a blog about addiction. He does not know he will soon face an intervention.

Ok, so here's how it started. A couple months ago, an my way home from work one day, I stopped to get gas at Speedway. I usually will go in to pick up a little snack for the rest of the ride home. Lunch is early and a feel a little nibbleish. Well, I couldn't find any Cracker Jack this day, so in my search, I came across Jenny's Dittos. Not the cheddar or the butter, but the caramel corn Dittos. I think Heaven has been found on earth!!! Where to start?? Ok - this is a popcorn product with no husks. +20 points right off the bat. But the key of these gems is the caramel coating. The kernel is not lightly coated like Cracker Jack but a heavy, hard, sweet caramel coating exists on each delicious nugget in the bag. Words cannot properly convey these golden globes of gourmet goodness (my English teacher would be so proud of that alliteration). I can only suggest to you that you yourself procure a bag of your own to really see what all my fuss is about.

However, you stay out of the Speedway's located at 1) Itasca at Arlington Hgts Rd, 2) Bolingbrook on Joliet Rd, 3) Bolingbrook on 53 & I-55 and 4) Shorewood at Rt. 59 and Black Rd. Those are MY stores - don't be buying from my pushers. Find your own freaking supplier.