Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The gratuitious sex post

Family values. Fair and balanced. We report, you decide. You hear that a lot on a certain cable news channel, which really seems to avoid such monikers. See - there is this little website, Fox Attacks, that keeps a watchful eye on Ruport Murdoch's empire of politically skewed news reporting, and show it for what it really is. How they stomach watching the site deserves a Nobel prize, if you ask me. At least the Rolaids relief man award. I think Fox has hit a new low, as the below video will document. How any of the images matched up with the "news story" being reported - that's a heck of a stretch. Is someone getting their arm touched a the Playboy mansion news? I guess to the editors at Fox it is. Do we need to see a teeny bikini contest to help us better understand there is a possible serial killer loose in Daytona Beach and how we can protect ourselves? Does pouring ice water on my chest while wearing a white t-shirt scare him away?

See for yourself:

Is it really number one with viewers because of it's "fair news" or it's sex appeal? Considering this report, I wonder.