Monday, March 31, 2008

The hell with warm weather!

Today is one of the most glorious days in the world (besides January 21st, 2009, when that joke of a Commander in Chief is finally gone). Everyone starts in first place (er.... 'cept for Boston and Oakland, who already played a couple games in Japan, and the Nats and Braves, who played last night). The grass will be a beautiful green, if you can see it through the fog and rain drops.

So, shall I make predictions? Sure - it's like the cool thing to do:

AL East - Boston
AL Cental - Detroit
AL West - Seattle
Al Wild Card - Cleveland

NL East - Philadelphia
NL Central - Milwaukee
NL West - Arizona
NL Wild Card - Chicago (yeah, I hate saying that, but they have a chance)

World Series: Detroit over Philadelphia in 6

Sorry Cub fans. But don't worry - every team has a bad century.