Friday, September 26, 2008

Is this for real?

Can someone.....ANYONE.....please tell me how 40-some percent of this country can honestly think that this person has one shred of ability to potentially be the President of this land? I would call it an embarrassment of a campaign, if it wasn't for the gnawing fear and horror that yes - they could actually win this thing.

Now, I understand there are many people, who in their hearts and minds, believe that conservative values are in line with their values. And really, I do respect them. I think they may be a little skewed because of my liberal thinking, but their belief of smaller government and other conservative ideals has resonated in their lives for a long time and they have a genuine desire (I feel) to benefit us all. Yet, it cannot be denied there are some people that vote Republican for one or two reasons and compromise the rest of their desires and morals. Others are scared into voting that way cuz the the big bad terrorists are coming our way with WMDs and all this other crap (see 2004 & 2006 elections). Then there are the last group - out and out racist citizens that will vote one way only because the candidate on the other side has dark skin. While I am disappointed with the middle two groups, this last bunch disgusts me. I think it might be time to give that whole secession thing another try.