Monday, September 29, 2008

Under all them robes...

Congrats to Barack, for that total ownage of Sen. McCan't. I enjoyed the numerous times Obama pulled out facts that directly opposed what McCan't said, and there the Republican cadidate is, stewing with a silly smile on his face, knowing he was caught, and never responding to the facts presented. And it was brought up that McCan't never looked at Obama during the entire debate, and that may be true.

Anyway, according to this article, a group/gaggle/mob/flock of members of the KKK were going to show up at the debate, but would not be in regalia. Which just goes to show how pathetic the group is. Not only do they have no courage to show their faces, unless they are sounded by police keep the people fighting against their hatred at bay, they definitely have ZERO guts to show up somewhere even in their cute little bath robes. Gutless cowards.

Here's something I may have linked before - it's a photo essay (with some audio files on a few pictures) of a woman that sews the dresses for KKK members. It's interesting, and at the same time, saddening.

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