Friday, October 10, 2008


Baseball is over (unfortunately) and it's time for Blackhawks hockey. What a glorious time of the year. Fast action, bone jarring hits, 100mph frozen disks flying all over the place - LOVE IT! Since we had a predict-a-thon for MLB, let's do the same for the NHL:

Atlantic - Penguins
Northeast - Canadians
Southest - Capitals

Central - Blackhawks
Northwest - Wild
Pacific - Sharks

And the other post-season teams:
East - Flyers, Sabers, Leafs, Senators & Bruins
West - DeadWings, Stars, Flames, Blues & Ducks

And with the Hawks having ALL GAMES, not just road, but home games, on television - this is going to be one freaking sweet season. Not sure, just yet, if we will lift Lord Stanley's hardware, but the Hawks are lining up to hoist that baby soon. Game on!!