Thursday, October 30, 2008

The last word on baseball this year.

So the Phillies won. While I wasn't 100% correct on my post season predictions, I did get the winner correct, so 10 bonus points for me. Congrats Phils, and I don't think we have heard the end of the Rays yet.

In other baseball/election news, did ya watch the best infomercial yesterday? Granted, I blew it. I screwed up the time and missed the whole thing. But I know what YouTube channel I'll be on at lunch. Anyway, there is this Scholastic News reporter Elizabeth Conway that has been talking with candidates this election year. During a recent one-on-one sit down with Barack she asked a few "either/or" fun questions and got the following response to one:

What did you ask Obama? I said, "You're a tough guy, I'm a tough girl living in a tough world. What advice do you have for tough people like me to make a difference in the world?" I also created five fun facts where I give two choices and he picks one. . . . For Red Sox or Cubs, he goes "neither." All his staff people cracked up laughing.

"Neither". Man....I LOVE THIS GUY!!!