Friday, October 17, 2008

{Looking for the number to U-Haul}

Above you see what a GOP woman's group in California thinks is decent campaign material. They put this out because they think electing Obama would put his face on food stamps. The leader of this group of morons, Diana Fedele, claims she didn't think it was offensive and anything placed on the "bill" was just food to her and she never meant to make it racist.

I really think it's time to just leave this country. We have learned and taught nothing in the past 150 years. It it still acceptable to some people to judge simply by how someone looks with no regard to their character. I want to pack up and leave. And the rest of us that find this offensive should leave too. Let this country fall to pieces - I don't wanna live with these narrow-minded jerks as my neighbors any longer.

And if the money isn't enough, this pretty much seals the deal:


East Coast Girl said...

All we can do... is be our best... do our best... pray for the best... that faction you speak of will always be there... will always be entrenched in the myopic vision that is their upbringing... and will unfortunately endow that vision to their own children... I teach my children what I believe is right and good... and I pray...