Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So good to be wrong.

So the 2008 MLB season has come to a close, and I am SO GLAD my preseason predictions were wrong, at least in one division. Let's look them over and see how I did, shall we:

AL East - Boston (WRONG - Tampa with the Cinderella season)
AL Cental - Detroit (WRONG - they finished dead last)
AL West - Seattle (WRONG - finished even worse that Detroit)
Al Wild Card - Cleveland (WRONG - 0 for 4 in the AL predictions)

NL East - Philadelphia (DING DING!)
NL Central - Milwaukee (WRONG - so close, they got the wild card)
NL West - Arizona (WRONG - they were doing good until the last couple weeks of the season)
NL Wild Card - Chicago (WRONG - they won the division over the Brew Crew)

For playoff team wise, I got four of the 8 picked. Ok - now for the predictions that really matter:

Boston and the Angels - Angels in 5
White Sox and Rays - Sox in 4
Phillies and Brewers - Phillies sweep
Cubs and Dodgers - Dodgers in 4

Angels and White Sox - Sox in 7 (team love) Angels in 6 (gut)
Phillies and Dodgers - Phillies in 7

White Sox and Phillies (team love) - Sox in 7
Angels and Phillies (gut) - Phillies in 7