Friday, January 16, 2009

Don't let the door hit you in the.....

So President Embarrassment gave his farewell speech last night. I was unable to watch (and probably would have thrown stuff at my tv if I did anyway). I plan on trying to stomach the thing, just to get a good, if not furious, laugh over his claims of how he was not the worst commander in chief ever. Hearing a little talk about his appearance and some of the crap he said on the radio this morning, one thing jumped at me:

"America has gone more than seven years without another terrorist attack on our soil."

Yeah, okay a-hole. Make such a claim as that like you are some great and wonderful all-savior to this country that you have so incorrigibly destroyed for the benefit of your neocon cronies. Hey President Dipsh*t - math lesson time: 9/11 killed about 3000 people; 3000 people you could have kept alive. Your trumped up war in Iraq, which allow me to remind you has ZERO connection to 9/11, as well as zero WMDs and the like, has claimed the lives of 4224 soldiers. That's over 40% MORE people than died on your watch in the Twin Towers. So semantically speaking - yes, there has not been another attack on US soil.

But in actuality, there has. It happened in the Persian Gulf area. And yet again, it's your fault.

A quick search of your speech shows you mentioned Bin Laden exactly 0 times. Zero. 9/11 is universally blamed on him and his warped religious views. Your whole reason for invading Iraq is based on him. But he's really not a concern of yours, is he?

I hate you George W. Bush. Go the #%$& away.