Thursday, January 8, 2009

Upside-down....boy, ya turn me.....

So according to this article, Disney is closing Space Mountain temporarily to do a little remodeling. They state the changes are more cosmetic with very few track modifications. All I know is they better not change how it looks when sitting in a car.

Living where I live, I go to Great America at least once a year and have been on every coaster that ever existed in that place (I highly recommend the American Eagle backwards, if you get the chance) over the past 20+ years. Not to mention King's Island, Six Flags over Mid America, Busch Gardens and other amusement meccas. No front seat of any coaster I have been on compares to the thrill of any seat on a train speeding thru Space Mountain. The joy of Space Mountain is the fluorescent dots on the track and walls. Because of those, you can't see jack squat where the track goes, and that, my friends, is called crazy awesome! You have all the different turns, hills, side shakes and all - but if you can't SEE when they are going to occur, it's that much more scary/exciting.

So I will withhold my gratitude to you all, the heirs of Disney, until I once again ride the Mountain of Space and experience the changes for myself. Screw it up, though, and I'll never watch Hannah Montana again.