Friday, January 9, 2009

If only for the humor of it all.

So, let's do this whole 2009 resolution thing. But first, let us go back to the start of 2008 and reassess what I pledged to change in 2008 and check my progress. And for sake of the fact that I don't feel like getting TOO detailed, let us do it quickly, shall we:

1) less bills/more savings - fail
2) lose weight - epic fail
3) more emotions - neutral
4) more spirituality - .002% positive of center

So all in all, pretty crappy. And I would come up with a great excuse, but all I can think of right now is that the dog ate my homework and the check is in the mail. I don't think you are buying that. So put me in the group with others that were unsuccessful in changing their life in 2008. It happened. Let's blame George W Bush.

So, how does 2009 look for me? Well, let our get all resolutely and see what I have in mind.

1) Lose weight - I'm still gonna push that one. But I do have a plan this year, far far better than last year'"lack of plan" that I had. I have a friend John that just completed P90X and was very successful (hit that link and check out his results). I have looked at P90X for a while and am glad to personally know someone that used it with great success. Now, John has about 15 years of youth on me and is an Air Force veteran. The only bird I've ever flown was my middle finger. Again, I blame Bush for that too. But John got me a good deal on Power 90, a less extreme workout from the same people and that is my plan. Just need the motivation...

2) Bills - I think I really should call this budget. Hang on.....

2) Bills Budget -That's better. It's time I get a working budget and stick firm to it. It's important to the life of my family during this economic times of crapola. And to be better prepared when unplanned expenses arrive (can you say "daily"). I have many friends very successful with budgets, and I have done about 70% effort to get one for us. It's obvious that is far below the needed 100% (carry the 6.....divide by.... - yes, far below). I think motivation for this will be easier. It just depends if staying on it will be easy.

3) The house (aka "honey do") - More than "honey do's", these are just "put offs" that should no longer be in that state. I have been successful in the past putting a list on the fridge and slowly working thru it. I think if I treat the home improvements as a budget, I should have success.

4) Snarky - Yeah, I said "snarky". My goal in 2009 is to be far more snarky, humorous and sarcastic on this blog. If you see the blog roll on the side, I visit a few. There are more I visit, and franky, some of them are just far too funny. It pisses me off. I should have thought of this or that idea, but I didn't. So it's time for me to stop holding back here and just let rip whatever I feel. All in the form, or course, of making you laugh. Or not.

I think I will stop there. I may have gone too much last year and should scale back to be sure I have a better than say 27% success. Ya hear me George Bush??

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