Tuesday, January 6, 2009

YouTube-sday™: Annie, get your gun (with bonus rant)

Up front, let me say welcome 2009. I'll have the obligatory "how-did-I-do-in-2008 / these-are-my-2009-resolutions" post in a few days (I hope). Until then, let me grab my soapbox.

Ok - so I swing over to Jewel for a little lunchage (chicken strips and tater babies), and as I leave, there is a sign posted on the EXIT door:

"Due to high winds, please return carts to the corral."

Ya know - I got a better idea. How about no matter what the wind is, you return the cart to the corral? Ok, Magellan? Geez - are we getting lackadaisical or what? How often do you see carts all over the parking lot - blocking parking spaces, sitting up on the curb by the trees or filling up the zebra lane by the handicapped spots? Is it that hard to walk it over to the collection spot for the cart worker? You just spent an hour in the store walking all the aisles and you can't return your cart to the designated coordinates?

I have a question for you: how can you afford to purchase the items you just bought at the store? Cuz it's obvious you are too fricking lazy to walk the extra few feet to drop off the cart. I really wonder just what you purchased that you fail to have the energy to do the right thing. What's your diet - Ho Ho's and Swanson Hungry Man dinners? My favorite are the carts just one parking space away from the corral. Couldn't put in the extra 7 feet of effort, eh Pavarotti?

I have made it a habit in the past year or so to find those carts that take up a parking space, or ar just not where they should be, and bring them into the store. On occasion, I will use it to shop, but usually I just walk it into the doors and drop it with the other carts. A little bonus to the kid stuck with the crappy job of hunting down all the carts. You're welcome, Skippy.

And now onto YouTube - Demitri Martin....he gets it:

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